Pita Bread Serving Suggestions

Pita is a thin Pocket Bread that can be enjoyed in many delicious ways

Pocket Sandwich

Slice bread in half and fill with cold cuts, tuna fish, salad, or your favorite meats.

Shish Kebab

Cut bread in half and make a pocket with each half. Place your shish-kebab or your favorite meat (hot-dogs, steaks, or burgers) in each half and garnish with toppings.

Garlic Bread

Split bread into two circles. Brush on melted butter and sprinkle with garlic powder. Place under broiler until butter bubbles. Cut in points and serve.


Separate Bread into two circles. Place pizza ingredients on each circle and bake in a 450 deg F oven.


Toast your pita bread in the oven at 350 deg F for 5 minutes. Break your toasted pita into small pieces and serve with your favorite dip such as hummus, salsa, or tzatziki.